The future of events is here.

Produce virtual events and conferences for attendees across the globe with VirBELA Events.
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Events from Anywhere

Our virtual event space gives attendees all the benefits of a live meeting—but without the travel or physical contact.

No More Extra Fees

Reduce your cost of producing an event by offering an engaging experience, without the extra fees associated with in-person meetings.

Scalable Social Engagement

VirBELA’s online event campus can support 10,000+ simultaneous users from anywhere in the world, with a feeling of presence and togetherness.

Safe and Secure Data

We use state-of-the-art encryption from AWS, so you can feel confident that your data is protected and secure.

Completely Customizable

Our all-in-one virtual venue is equal parts conference center, stadium, hotel ballroom and breakout rooms, for online conferences that fit any size and format. We even have a soccer field, a beach and boats for team building exercises.

Event Producers

Hosting (or planning) a meeting? Here’s how to get started.

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Take a look around to see everything from our auditorium to our small breakout rooms

Lease the Space You Need

Looking for a ballroom? Breakout room? Both? Build your own customizable campus.

Be at the Forefront of the Future of Event Production

All while saving money, connecting people, and leaving attendees inspired and educated.

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Attending a meeting? Here’s what that looks like.

(Hint: it’s like a video game, where you’re the main character.)
Create Your Avatar

Design your “you” … pick your clothes. Pick your hairstyle. (Ever wanted to wear sunglasses to a meeting? You can do that, too.)

Explore the Virtual Campus

Control your avatar through the campus and take a seat in an auditorium. Head into a small breakout session. Even kick a soccer ball around with some colleagues.

Have Real Fun in Real Time.

Interact with other attendees. Immerse yourself in the experience. And enjoy the future of events.

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When the world is making you say now what?”

We get it. The current situation isn’t what any of us could have predicted even a few months ago—with the latest reports showing that the events industry has lost more than $1 billion already due to cancellations. So it’s no wonder (and completely understandable) that you’re experiencing an unprecedented level of stress, filled with “what ifs” and “what nows”.

But in times like this, success is going to come from those who shift gears, not shut down. Our virtual online event platform will help you do just that.

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