VirBELA Events

All of the benefits. None of the travel.
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VirBELA Events is a customizable virtual world for online events that revolutionizes the way people host and attend events.

These aren’t webinars. These aren’t online video calls. This is the closest thing to replicating events in the real world. We’ve created an experience where attendees can meet colleagues and network with peers in a real-time, authentic way. With a virtual event space that feels immersive and customized, from registration to event check-in to kick-off rallies to breakout discussions.

The result? Just like with a live event, attendees ‘leave’ the conference feeling connected, energized, inspired and educated. And at the same time, event hosts are able to provide an experience that eliminates the fear of travel or large groups, all while enjoying unprecedented cost savings.

VirBELA Events isn’t just changing the way people meet.
We’re revolutionizing it.

About VirBELA and eXp World Holdings

VirBELA is an immersive technology platform for business, events and education. Its modern, cloud-based environment provides a virtual experience for workers, attendees, students and more to communicate, collaborate, meet and socialize.

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