Affiliate Code of Conduct

Thank you for participating in the VirBELA Sales Affiliate Program! Outlined below is the “Code of Conduct” for affiliate members.

  1. Customer Introduction

The role of the Sales Affiliate is to generate prospective customers and work directly with those customers to make a sale. In order to earn commission for bringing a new customer to VirBELA, the Sales Affiliate must be the source from which that lead learned about VirBELA. If a prospective customer has come to the Open Campus from a different source, that lead belongs to VirBELA and Sales Affiliates are not eligible for commission unless they are able to provide evidence that they originally invited the customer to the VirBELA Open Campus.

  1. Proper Product Representation

Your success as an affiliate is rooted in the continued enjoyment of our product by the  customers you introduce. In order to create lasting partnerships and sustainable income, it’s in your best interest to ensure that the customers you bring to the company are well-qualified, accurately informed, and genuinely benefitting from the product. Please educate yourself on the products we offer and ensure you are able to represent these products accurately. Please refrain from making promises to the customer that you don’t know our company will be able to fulfill or speaking negatively of the competition. Our goal is always to explain why we are better, not why other products are bad. Remember, you are representing VirBELA when selling our products.

  1. VirBELA Time and Resources

Our Sales Affiliate program promotes ownership of the sales process as a way to earn commission for your promotion of our product. Our staff is here to support you and ensure you have all the resources you need to see the sales process through from beginning to end. For the sake of our customers and our Affiliates, it is important that we protect our staff’s time. Excessive dependence on our staff to assist you in making Team Suite sales does not constitute a successful Sales Affiliate experience

  1. Professionalism

Conduct yourself in a professional manner while representing VirBELA and while using VirBELA products. Inappropriate material and conduct will not be tolerated.

  1. Respect everyone’s work-life balance.

All communication with VirBELA staff must either be in the Open Campus, on Workplace, to an official VirBELA email address. Exclusions apply at VirBELA staff discretion.

Again, we thank you for your participation in the VirBELA Affiliate Sales program. While we strive to provide a sales environment that is affiliate friendly, activity not aligned with our Code of Conduct may result in actions up to and including termination of your status as a Sales Affiliate.