Move forward.

(knowing we’re your backup.)
Event Planners

Things are tricky right now. How do you plan for a future event, without knowing what the future holds? With VirBELA events, you’ll know that if cancellations, delays or general wariness of meeting in person becomes an issue, it will be easy (and fun) to turn your physical experience into an online one.

We get that you’re anxious to get back out there and meet in person.

But we’ll be here for you if your plans change.

How It Works
Add virtual events to your business. And you might just add income, too.

There’s value in virtual. If your company doesn’t already offer virtual meetings and events as part of your planning process, it might be time to consider it. Being able to have a sure answer in uncertain times can be a valuable upsell or add-on to what you’re already offering. Taking your event’s content online makes it accessible and scalable—and something clients are willing to pay for.

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See what an online meeting or conference looks like with VirBELA events. We’ll be happy to show you around.

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